On this week's episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Bonaventure and Fr. Patrick delve into the themes of "Abandonment to Divine Providence", by Jean Pierre Coussade. Topics such as heresey of Jansenism, the Blessed Mother's influence in the book, 'abandonism', the themes of simplicity and holiness, what 'abandonment' truly is in the Christian sense, and purity of heart are also dicussed.

On this episode of Guestsplaining, Fr. Gregory welcomes Dr. Ryan Anderson, author and President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, to discuss the response to COVID-19 and its policies, modern victimology and identity, personal and spiritual growth, social justice and injustices, the value Christians can bring to the modern world, politics as a religion, and much more.

What is the relationship, or lack of relationship between faith and mental health? In this episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Jacob-Bertrand and Fr. Gregory discuss body and soul, the Human person, obstacles, rightly ordering your sufferings, seeking out help, pursuit of Christ, how to be happy, healthy, and holy, and much more.

On this bonus episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Gregory and Fr. Joseph-Anthony visit the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, to discuss the contemplative, Christian life. How do I live my Christian life? How should I seek God? What are some principles of the spiritual, Christian life, and when do I start living it? Tune in to this bonus episode to learn more about using your gift of grace, the virtue of prudence and accountability, recognizing your uniqueness, sports and discipline, and much more!

AI knows Godsplaining! Hear Fr. Patrick and Fr. Bonaventue discuss AI and what it means to us as humans. Artificial Intelligence has plenty of uses, and is now a part of our daily lives. It was and is made by and for humans... but is it actually just a tool? Is it it's own thing? Does it help us, or replace us? What are its limits? Will its power make us forget what it means to be human? Is it a threat to humanity? How can it impact how we relate to Christ?

Join Fr. Jacob-Bertrand and Fr. Gregory in welcoming Chris Stefanick to this week's hilarious episode of Guestsplaining! Tune in as Chris and the friars disuss Catholicism and hope in the modern world, evangelizing in today's environment, vulnerability and joy admist pain and suffering, marriage and carrying your cross, and so much more.

On this bonus episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Jacob-Bertrand and Fr. Gregory visit the University of Mary in Bismark, ND and discuss vocations, the human formation, discernment and dating, as well as answer questions from the UMary students. Not sure what to do with your life? Unsure of where God is calling you to be? Check out this episode, and allow Fr. Jacob-Bertrand and Fr. Gregory guide you!

If you're haunted by your sinful past, you're not alone. It's part of the human experience to feel regret. But do you still feel manipulated by your past? Are you hoping to finally heal? Can you reforge your bad memories? On this episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Joseph-Anthony and Fr. Jacob-Bertrand discuss redeeming your memory and healing from your past. Remember: we all have a past... but we also have a future!

This week's episode of Godsplaining is all about indulgences. Fr. Patrick and Fr. Gregory help us understand why we do them, how to obtain them, how they work, and how to understand them.

On this week's episode of Guestsplaining, Fr. Gregory and Fr. Jacob-Bertrand welcome Dr. Scott Hahn to the show! Dr. Hahn discusses his new book, "Catholics in Exile", discussing the history of the Church into the modern world, how sainthood blossoms amidst distress, and how to suffer well.

This week's episode of Godsplaining is all about George Orwell, his background, themes in his works and Christian ideas throughout, along with appreciating the classic philosophical authors of the time, and more. You won't want to miss this one!

These days, is it necessary to get a higher education? Is it worth it? On this week's episode of Godsplaining, University Chaplain Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress and University Professor Fr. Bonaventure Chapman answer these questions and more! Topics include future college enrollment, alternatives to college, the culture of resistance found on university campuses, the overall goal of college, the social element it brings, etc. If you're on the fence about whether or not to attend college, this week's episode will give you some pointers to think about!

Fr. Patrick welcomes Monsignor James Shea, President of the University of Mary in North Dakota, and author of books, "From Christendom to Apostolic Mission", and, "The Religion of the Day." In today's world, is Christianity still the assumed narritive? If not, what is displacing it? What is the world's current belief system? You won't want to miss this thought-provoking episode!

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Jacob-Bertrand discuss the ancient saint's life and influence in modern Christianity. Topics include whether he was a real, historical figure or just a myth, St. Patrick's confession, suffering of the saints, preaching in Ireland, responding to the Will of God, our Lord's Mercy, and more.

What are some characteristics of a great Catholic leader? According to Fr. Gregory and Fr. Joseph-Anthony, some of the essential virtues are faith, prudence, vulnerability, hope, charity, and MORE! By reflecting these virtues and those demonstrated by the saints, we can be lead closer to God.