Past Events

January 2024

SEEK ’24

“Be the Light!” To kick off the new year, Fr. Gregory Pine, Fr. Joseph-Anthony, and Fr. Patrick Briscoe attended SEEK in St. Louis, Missouri from the 1st-5th for a week of encounter, transformation, and community. All three of the attending Godsplaining Friars recorded a live episode from the SEEK podcast booth entitled, Fellowship, Heavenly Vision, and Life as a Pilgrimage, and Fr. Gregory Pine was one of the amazing impact speakers!

University of Mary

Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Jacob-Bertrand Janczyk were blessed to speak at the University of Mary on January 26th! The friars gathered for the premier of a FOCUS documentary on the life of Michelle Duppong, and joined Fr. Dominic Bouck for The Late Show with Fr. Bouck.

Fr. Gregory and Fr. Jacob-Bertrand also worked with the Stand Firm Project; Fr. Gregory recording an episode entitled, Engaging with the Power of Anger Virtuously, and Fr. Jacob-Bertrand recording Ways The Virtues Enable Us.

The friars also recorded a bonus episode entitled, Discernment & Dating. Watch it now!

March 2024

Day of Recollection in Lincoln, NE

Fr. Gregory and Fr. Joseph-Anthony hosted a single day, Godsplaining Day of Recollection entitled, Contrite of Heart: Prayer, Penance, and Inner Peace, in Lincoln, Nebraska, on March 16th. Over 100 people joined the friars throughout the day, and had an absolute blast. Thank you to our generous hosts in the Lincoln Diocese!

The friars gave talks on, you guessed it, prayer, penance, and inner peace. These talks will be posted soon, exclusively on Patreon for our Patrons. Fr. Gregory and Fr. Joseph-Anthony also recorded a podcast episode that will be released as a bonus episode for all, entitled, Living a Contemplative, Christian Life. Watch now!

April 2024

Day of Recollection in Columbus, OH

Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Bonaventure Chapman hosted a Day of Recollection entitled, Eucharist: Sign and Sacrament at St. Patrick Church in Columbus, Ohio on April 6th.

The friars gave two talks that will be available to view exclusively for our Patreon patrons! They also recorded two podcast episodes entitled, The Eucharist as a Sign, and, The Eucharist as a Sacrament.

A CIC Mission: The Eucharist & Blessed Carlo Acutis in Washington, D.C.

Fr. Patrick Briscoe directed a special mission in April entitled, “A CIC Mission: The Eucharist & Blessed Carlo Acutis” in Washington, DC on April 20th.

The day was filled with Mass, discussions, socials, the Rosary, and more!


SEEK ’23

The Godsplaining Friars started 2023 off with a bang!

Fr. Gregory Pine gave a thoughtful talk entitled, “How to Have a Great Confession“. In this empowering speech, discover the key elements of delivering a powerful and genuine confession. Learn the art of vulnerability, communication, and personal growth as we explore the path to mastering the skill of giving a great confession.

Recorded live in St. Louis, Missouri at the SEEK conference, look back at the SEEK23 x Godsplaining episode where you’ll find Frs. Joseph-Anthony Kress and Gregory Pine chat about St. Thomas Aquinas, fraternity, and more.


“The Hinges of Holiness: Cultivating the Cardinal Virtues” retreat, held in June at the esteemed Malvern Retreat House in Pennsylvania, served as an immersive and enlightening experience for over 100 attendees of all ages seeking to deepen their understanding of the Cardinal virtues and their significance in fostering a life of holiness.

“Soldiers and Martyrs: Growing the Virtue of Courage” was a distinctive retreat that took place in August in North Carolina, gathering approximately 30 male retreatants. The focus of this retreat was centered around the virtue of courage and drew inspiration from the examples of soldiers and martyrs within the Catholic tradition.

“The Fullness of Truth: Catholicism, Relativism, and the Apostolic Mission” was a wonderful Godsplaining retreat that occurred in November at Malvern, PA, gathering over 60 young adult retreatants. The focus of this retreat was to address the concept of Catholicism in the context of contemporary challenges such as relativism and to inspire a deeper understanding of the apostolic mission of the Church.

Catholic University of America

In September, all 5 of the Godsplaining Friars gathered at the Catholic University of America and joined the CUA on Tap Live Podcast Show and gave the talk, “Embrace Transformation: 5 Powerful Ways Holy Communion Impacts Your Life“.


SEEK ’22

To kick off 2022, Fr. Gregory Pine, Fr. Patrick Briscoe, and Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk attended SEEK and joined the SEEK Podcast to discuss how to prepare well for a conference, and how to live well beyond it, recounting some of their own favorite SEEK memories along the way.


The “How to Lose Your Faith: The Enemies of Holiness” retreat, which took place in late July in Huntington, New York at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, was a thought-provoking gathering that welcomed around 50 attendees seeking a deeper understanding of challenges to their faith and exploring the concept of holiness in a complex world.

“The Holy Eucharist: Sacrament and Sacrifice” was a spiritually enriching Godsplaining retreat that took place at the end of July at the serene and spiritually conducive setting of the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, New York. This gathering attracted over 40 devoted retreatants eager to deepen their understanding of the significance and reverence of the Holy Eucharist within our Catholic faith.

The “Christ: Model of Men” Godsplaining retreat, held in mid-August at Camp Chosatonga in Brevard, North Carolina, was a purposeful gathering that attracted over 20 devoted men seeking to delve deeper into the teachings and life example of Jesus Christ as a model for men in their faith and everyday lives.



“As It is in Heaven: The Christian Life” was the inaugural Godsplaining retreat held in late July in the serene and peaceful surroundings of Huntington, New York, hosted at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception. The retreat, marking its debut, was a gathering that drew in more than 70 enthusiastic participants seeking spiritual growth, fellowship, and a deeper understanding of the Christian way of life.

What Past Retreatants Have Said

“I absolutely loved this retreat. It was the right balance of formative and enjoyable. I hold this experience dear to my heart!

“The retreat was a chance to break out of my routine and spend time focusing on the Faith and specifically the Eucharist.”

“Spending time with the friars and each other was so life-giving. It was more than a typical retreat experience!

“I left the weekend feeling renewed in faith, deeply inspired by all I had learned and ready for anything.”