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Desiring to grow closer to Christ? Find yourself wanting to know why we believe what we believe? Interested in meeting the Friars of Godsplaining?

Every year, Fr. Gregory Pine, Fr. Jacob-Bertrand Janczyk, Fr. Patrick Briscoe, Fr. Bonaventure Chapman, and Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress host both one day events and multi-day retreats aimed at specific topics regarding our Catholic faith. Through Mass, Adoration, Confession, conferences, and more, you will learn more about our Catholic beliefs surrounded by a like-minded community who share your thirst for knowledge and love of our faith!

August 2024

Brevard, North Carolina | Camp Chosatonga

Godsplaining Retreat

Fr. Patrick Briscoe and Fr. Bonaventure Chapman are hosting another Men’s Retreat entitled, Saving Stoicism and the Struggle for Real Virtue from August 8th – 11th! Attending retreatants are welcome to read, The Handbook by Epictetus.

*The age range to attend is 21-40

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If you have any questions regarding these upcoming retreats, email Mary Herman at mherman.godsplaining@opeast.org.