These days, is it necessary to get a higher education? Is it worth it? On this week's episode of Godsplaining, University Chaplain Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress and University Professor Fr. Bonaventure Chapman answer these questions and more! Topics include future college enrollment, alternatives to college, the culture of resistance found on university campuses, the overall goal of college, the social element it brings, etc. If you're on the fence about whether or not to attend college, this week's episode will give you some pointers to think about!

Fr. Patrick welcomes Monsignor James Shea, President of the University of Mary in North Dakota, and author of books, "From Christendom to Apostolic Mission", and, "The Religion of the Day." In today's world, is Christianity still the assumed narritive? If not, what is displacing it? What is the world's current belief system? You won't want to miss this thought-provoking episode!

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Jacob-Bertrand discuss the ancient saint's life and influence in modern Christianity. Topics include whether he was a real, historical figure or just a myth, St. Patrick's confession, suffering of the saints, preaching in Ireland, responding to the Will of God, our Lord's Mercy, and more.

What are some characteristics of a great Catholic leader? According to Fr. Gregory and Fr. Joseph-Anthony, some of the essential virtues are faith, prudence, vulnerability, hope, charity, and MORE! By reflecting these virtues and those demonstrated by the saints, we can be lead closer to God.

On this episode of Guestsplaining, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Jacob Bertrand welcome Jacob Imam, founder of The College of St. Joseph the Worker, to discuss the value of trades and skilled labor in today's world, whether the trades can succumb to AI, the value of strong, lasting buildings, happiness and mental health among the students, understanding Christ's vocation as a carpenter, and much more!

On this episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Bonaventure discuss the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, his engagement with Scripture, influence on Biblical literacy, his deep love for Christ, influence on scholars, and much more!

As Christians, should sadness be avoided? Are we 'allowed' to be sad at all, understanding God's providence? Is being emotional a bad thing? In this week's episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Bonaventure and Fr. Jacob Bertrand discuss sadness in the emotional sense, spiritual sense, and mental condition, as well as reacting to death and loss, the reality of emotion, and their thoughts on depression.

Fr. Gregory and Fr. Bonaventure welcome Ryan Bethea to this week's episode of Guestsplaining! Ryan Bethea is the creator, host, and producer of the Exorcist Files, who, alongside leading exorcist Fr. Carlos Martins, tells the stories of haunting exorcisms. On this episode of Guestsplaining, we find out what exorcists do, why they can often take weeks or months, how the occult, sexual sin, and unforgiveness can lead to possession, why saints have influence over these demons, and much more.

Watch this episode before your next confession! How do we make a proper examination of conscience? Do we have to do it? Why do we do it at all? What is the best time and place to examine our conscience? On this week's episode, Fr. Bonaventure and Fr. Gregory answer these questions and discuss what a conscience is, if we're born with it, how to form a conscience, and more! This episode is packed with helpful tips and information on all things 'conscience'.

Why does the Barbie movie matter? Is it offensive to Christians? Who is the movie for? Did the friars even like it? On this episode of Godsplaining, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Bonaventure discuss societal expectations and gender roles, freedom in Christ and Christian philosophy that can be pulled from the film, the main message of the movie, Gloria's famous speech, and more. You won't want to miss this fun, thoughtful episode!

This Guestsplaining episode dives into Fr. Patrick Riffle's experience as a Chaplain in the United States Navy, discussing what it means to be a priest in the military, soldiers embodying the faith, finding your purpose, resiliency, the role of death and living in its close proximity, the value of suffering, fraternity, and much more.

This week's episode is all about how to cultivate a lasting habit of prayer. Fr. Jacob Bertrand and Fr. Joseph-Anthony each give their own helpful tips for prayer preparation, and discuss how where you pray, when to pray, how to pray, your motivation behind prayer, etc. all impact your prayer life. It's not too late to make prayer a part of your routine in 2024! If you're trying to grow closer to our Lord this year, you won't want to miss this episode.

What exactly is friendship? Is there more to friendship than we think? On this week's episode, Fr. Jacob Bertrand and Fr. Gregory discuss exactly what friendship is, how each others' relationship goals much align, how to determine expectations, the different types of friendships, how to maintain them, and much more.

Do we have to make a choice between investing in faith-based companies or making money on an investment? How to can we be bold Catholics in the workplace? How do we know that we are investing in a morally good company? In this week's episode, Fr. Bonaventure and Fr. Patrick welcome Chris McMahon, CEO of Aquinas Wealth Advisors, to answer these questions and to discuss faith-based investing.

This week, Fr. Jacob Bertrand and Fr. Joseph-Anthony discuss Last Rites, what it is, and when it is appropriate to call a priest. The episode details the healing and forgiveness that Last Rites brings, how to prepare for it, advice surrounding the final blessings, and what it actually does for us. This episode is PACKED with helpful information surrounding Last Rites - you won't want to miss it!